mercoledì 6 settembre 2017

Presentazione del libro "Il mistero della verruca" all'Istituto Europeo

Ieri davanti ad un folto pubblico si è presentato il libro "Il mistero della Verruca" di Eloisa Brancolini e Alessandro Ricci, EdiGiò Edizioni.
Ha presentato Giammatteo Ricci.

Il libro è di scorrevole lettura, prende fin dalle prime pagine. E' una storia di amicizia e di ricerca di un tesoro in una fortezza che è poi la metafora per la possibilità di libero arbitrio nel mondo adolescenziale.
E' un libro che ritorna ai valori dell'amicizia, della fede in Dio e del dono del libero arbitrio. Il rifiuto della violenza (è un libro contro il bullismo giovanile).

Un libro per l'infanzia e non solo.

Un momento della presentazione

A Firenze è in vendita presso la libreria Todo Modo di via dei Fossi 15/r. Altrimenti è acquistabile presso l'editore:

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martedì 29 agosto 2017

20 Years Anniversary ItalRosa 1997-2017

1997 - 2017 _ ItalRosa exists 20 years

ItalRosa bestaat 23 september 20 jaar en om dat te vieren gaan we volgende week studeren in Florence aan het Istituto Europeo. Ik zeg wel 'we', maar ik bedoel eigenlijk de 21 studenten die zich hebben aangemeld. Er volgen t.z.t. vast leuke foto's.
Firenze, arriviamo!!
ItalRosa exists 23 September 20 years and to celebrate we are going to study next week in Florence at the Istituto Europeo. I'll say " we but I mean the 21 students who signed up. I'm sure there are some nice pictures.
Firenze, arriviamo!!

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giovedì 17 agosto 2017

Istituto Europeo - Learn Italian in Florence in 3 weeks!

(foto Zivile Abrutyte)

The best Italian course for you is the one that you can stick at without getting distracted or losing motivation.
That's why we offer you a 3 week supertintensive Italian course, individual, 8 hours per day 5 days per week.

You need enthusiasm we give you confidence and results.

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mercoledì 28 giugno 2017

Istituto Europeo the fast-paced evolution in teaching languages - Be brave and speak!

The biggest barrier in the beginning is the lack of confidence. Simply having the courage to speak you are going to make progress in a language.

A lot of people don't make progress because they don't open their mouths.
This means not being afraid to take risks or make mistakes.

Come to Florence (Italy) be confident and immerse yourself. Total immersion is key to mastering a language quickly. The more you immerse yourself in Italian — such as reading, listening or speaking to people — the more rapid your progress will be.

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venerdì 19 maggio 2017

Tips to learn a language - The fast-paced evolution in teaching languages

The fast-paced evolution in teaching languages
Tips to learn a language

1)   don’t be shy at all
2)   don’t be worried if  you "cannot say it correctly”

3)   try to communicate: the best way to learn a language is through communication

4)   be (pro-)active in that language
5)   Try to practice every day every time you can
6)  have a goal: a professional goal, your holidays in a different country, a personal purpose, or just a wish to get to know another culture…
7)   Never stop and continue pursuing your goal
8)   Learn many languages: one language leads to another

9)   ………
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venerdì 28 aprile 2017

Learn Italian in 3 weeks!!!

The fast-paced evolution in teaching languages
Learn Italian in 3 weeks!!!
IE Superintensive Italian

Three weeks with an IE Italian Superintensive Course is ample time to start speaking
a new language!
Learning a language is about speaking a language, and with our IE Superintensiveour students are able to start having conversations in just three weeks time, proving that
an IE Italian Superintensive Course is indeed 
the shortest path to a real-life conversation.

giovedì 27 aprile 2017

Foodie dietitian blogging internship?

Foto via Dissapore

Are you interested in becoming a foodie dietitian blogger?

Are you interested in a writing and blogging career in nutrition?

Start an internship with an online company and become a freelance nutrition writer.
Italian dietician blog is searching for the best and brightest students to join their team of talented professionals.

Start from Italy
Start for a bright career!

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giovedì 13 aprile 2017

Book conservation course in Florence - Italy

This course will enable conservation graduate students or emerging conservators with similar experience to broaden and refine decision-making, manual, and technical abilities. Students focus on conservation problems and are challenged to develop solutions for a broad range of formats and collections

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Curso de conservación de libros en Florencia - Italia

Este curso permitirá a los estudiantes graduados en conservación o los conservadores emergentes con experiencia similar, ampliar y desarrollar habilidades importantes como la toma de decisiones, manuales y técnicas.
Los estudiantes se enfocarán en los problemas de conservación y se les animará a desarrollar soluciones para una amplia gama de formatos y colecciones

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martedì 11 aprile 2017

Learn Italian in one month the fast-paced evolution in teaching language

Don't you think it's possible to be fluent in a new language in one month? Or, maybe you believe it's possible, but just not possible for you? Or, maybe a month sounds fine, but you think anyone who claims to do it in one month is either some kind of genius... or just a crazy person. Right?

We have the ability to solve your doubts efficiently and in a timely fashion there is no one way in which problems cannot be solved

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